10 Bushcraft Camp Projects - Woodcraft, Axe, Knife, Hand Tools

By A Mystery Man Writer

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Crafting a Flat-Headed Bushcraft Maul - Camp Firlend

Our Bushcraft sawhorse.

What's Bushcraft?

BUSHCRAFT CAMP BUILD: 18ft Ladder with Axe, saw & knife (No

Survival Hatchet Tool, Handmade Hatchet, Kitchen Meat Axe

Wood Carving Axes, Hatchets & Adzes for Most Challenging Jobs – BeaverCraft Tools

Bushcraft - New Knife, Flint & Steel Fire + Cooking at the Camp

Learn 10 Advanced Bushcraft & Survival Skills!

Council Tool Velvicut 2lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe 2 lb Hudson Bay Premium Velvicut axe is a shape and size ideal for camping, hunting or hiking expeditions. The Hudson Bay is small enough to pack and carry yet big enough to get the job done. 2 lb head plus handle combines for an overall tool weight of approximately 2-3/4 lbs. The Hudson Bay pattern is believed to have originated in the Biscayan area of Northern Spain and was first used in North America as a trading piece along the fur trade routes.

Council Tool Premium Wood Craft 2lb Pack Axe 24 inch

Our Favorite Bushcraft Knives At Almost Every Price Point

This outstanding packable axe is a great option for camping and bushcraft. It has a 2 lb head forged from 5160 steel and hardened to 54-56 HRC for

Council Tool Wood-Craft 19 Pack Axe

Viking House- Full Bushcraft Shelter Build with Hand Tools

Maintaining a Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife in Camp